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Milda's Kitchen.

I love food. I plan my life around my meals. I have a feeding schedule. I worked in Marketing and Promotions for many years, until very recently when I was outsourced, downsized, or whatever you want to call it for the 4th time. People knew not to schedule meetings with me between 12 noon and 1 p.m. unless lunch was being brought in. In 2008, I reached a big milestone in life and asked myself "What Now?" While I still had my day job, plus a husband, kids, and pets, I enrolled in weekend classes at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. I commuted 130 miles round trip every Saturday and Sunday for 7 months and graduated in 2009. Knowing that my job would soon be eliminated from the company, I held on until it happened in 2010. Now I spend my time feeding my family and my blog... while searching for the next great opportunity.

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