Friday, April 1, 2011

Top Chef All-Stars Winner - Richard Blais. Fabio Robbed of Fan Favorite.

Hooray, Richard Blais won Top Chef All-Stars.  I'm glad he won because he came so close in his season and I feel he got robbed, so this win was just pure justice. Now he truly has it all. Family, Notoriety and Success.  Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. 

According to the editing it seemed like a neck to neck race through the entire final show. Besides Richard winning my favorite part of the show was when Gail Simmons, off site at some finale party in Chicago, said you'll find out in 30 seconds who is Top Chef ... at 10:30 p.m. (Obviously she meant 30 minutes). I guess that's what can happen when you are live.

While I hoped that Richard would win, I think the producers of Top Chef All-Stars knew they would get an onslaught of hate mail if ultimately Mike Isabella won the title. Who really got the shaft was Fabio for fan favorite.  Instead it went to Carla Hall?  I mean she's endearing with her "food is love" philosophy, but Fabio is far more charming, far funnier and just a joy to watch. He is also extremely likeable.  Why this man doesn't have a national endorsement by now, is really beyond me. Apparently their scores were very close, but Carla edged him out.

Since I voted for Fabio, TWICE, here is my interpretation.  Similar to American Idol you can vote multiple times.  If I am not mistaken for this contest I think you could have voted up to like 82 times.  Carla may have had a giant posse to keep voting for her until each person's voting maxed out.   How do you think that no talent Nikki what's her face on the first season of American Idol got to third place behind Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson and knocked out far more talented singers.  Who's was Nikki, you say... Exactly.

Looking forward to the finale of Chopped All-Stars on Sunday.  I'm hoping either Aaron Sanchez or Nate Appleman wipe the floor with Anne Burrell.  Her bigger than life personality comes across as just arrogant and not in a such over the top endearing way like Gene Simmons. That contestant from The Next Food Network star, has a better personality... but unfortunately I don't think has a prayer.

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