Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Yes, that says Canned Bacon
Ever since I started this blog it has opened my eyes to a whole new world of canned goods.  I've become more conscious of canned goods whether I'm at my local Stop and Shop up the street or the great multi-cultural markets one town over from me.  I'm fascinated by any new items I've never seen.

According to the Can Manufacturers Institute there are over 1,500 varieties of foods available in cans. In fact just last year was the 200th anniversary of the beginning of canning foods. The can was born in 1810 when Englishman Peter Durand received a patent from King George III for a tin-plated iron can to be used as a food container.

There are some I come across that I just can't bring myself to cook with as I don't think some products translate well from fresh to canned.  I also thought I would do some of my own research as to what might be considered atypical canned goods. This undoctored image was the most interesting can I found. It was on a survival website, encouraging consumers to stash some into their bunker. This would be one of those cans you won't find in my recipes. 

Here is my challenge to you. I'd love to hear from you.  I can't offer much incentive beyond offering a mention on the blog. I'm new to blogging. I don't have sponsors yet, so I can't offer a bevy of cash and prizes for best entry.  My hope is you will join me simply for the fun of it.

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